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The Sinclair Coefficients are a means to compare different weight classes in olympic weightlifting.
The answer to the question "What would be the total of an athlete weighing x kg if he/she were an athlete in the heaviest class of the same level of ability?" is given by the formula: ACTUAL TOTAL × SINCLAIR COEFFICIENT = SINCLAIR TOTAL.

To compare and rank the results, especially between bodyweight categories, the International Weightlifting Federation uses the Sinclair Coefficients which are derived statistically and calculated for one Olympic cycle (for four years, starting in the Spring of each Olympic year).

The Sinclair Coefficient is  where

If < where is the weightlifter's bodyweight, is the world record holder's bodyweight (in the heaviest category) and is the coefficient for this Olympic cycle, or 1.0 if .

Sinclair Coefficients 2017-2020

Excel Formula for calculating Sinclair

For Men
B4=Total, and B3=Bodyweight
For Women
Download 2017-2020 Coefficient Sheets
Male Coefficients
Female Coefficients

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