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Becoming a member
Becoming a member of the B.C. Weightlifting Association is an easy process. It is required to be a member to participate in any competitions, if you are an Official or if you're just coaching an athlete.
The online registration process is here to simplify and streamline the process.
Steps to being registered with BCWA.
Step 1
Create an account on our website
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Step 2
Log into your Account
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Step 3
Purchase a Membership
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Family Memberships
BCWA Is pleased to offer family members who live in the same household to share a membership. This allows the kids and the parents to save some money. If you are wanting to sign up the whole family, everyone you want to sign up must have an individual account, then you can email us and let us know who is part of the family account.
Once you purchase the Family Membership, we will associate it with all of your family members.
Please fill the information out completely. Incorrect information will be looked at as fake by our system, and may be deleted.

You may verify or change your membership at any time by going to your Membership Page.


Membership forms (Offline registration)

We are phasing out the paper membership forms, and they are not available to download. They are still available by special request. We urge you to use the online registration method, as we still have to enter the information manually from the paper registration forms into the online database. Once you have an electronic account, it will never go away until you specify. Paying your membership dues can still be handled by cheque if you prefer.

Offline Registration

You can request the Individual Membership form here

Request Form

Club Registration

To register a club, you need to login first! 

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