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We have a brand new website (as you can see), and with a new website comes new opportunities!

We have listened to your concerns regarding registration, an overwhelming amount of people were asking if they still had to fill out the membership form when they paid for their membership through PayPal on our last website. You no longer have to send anything to us in the mail. You can still send in cheques if you prefer. It will just take a bit longer to create your account, as we need to make sure the cheque clears first.

We urge current members and future members to register with BCWA online before the end of the year, this will allow you to pay quickly and efficiently when the year ends.
To get started please click on the Registration Page

Membership registration is completely 100% online. We will accept paper registration this year upon request, but once we get your registration form in the mail we will create an online account, as you will NEED this account to register for competitions. All competition registration areas will be unavailable to users who do not have a valid BCWA membership. If you can't access a competition, you are either not signed in or haven't paid your membership. There will be no need to send in updated membership forms every year, your online account will be persistant.

The payment of your membership is not a subscription, you will have to purchase a membership every year. The registration end date has also changed to be 1 year from the day you paid. Subscriptions are also a possibility, for those who don't want to think about renewal every year. Currently this is not available on the website, but if requested it is possible.

You will be able to find the status of your membership on the 'My Membership' page.

Contact Us - We have also made the contact page better, as your questions or comments get directed to the correct person if you choose the correct topic.
We have a couple of months before the end of the year, so we will be trying to tweak the signup process to make things smoother. We would love any feedback anyone has on the website.

Thanks for your time

Brock Pedersen
Technical contact for BCWA

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