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Coach Certification in Weightlifting

As part of the CWFHC’s commitment to advancing coach training and competency, we are proud to announce the new “competency-based” format for coach certification in weightlifting.  This new format replaces the old NCCP model, which ranked coaches in levels from 1 through 5.  The new coach certification levels for weightlifting are:

Club Coach
Provincial Coach
High Performance Coach

The advantage of the new format is that it recognizes excellence at each level of coaching.  For example, although one coach may excel at working with international calibre athletes, she or he may not have the skills to coach beginner or intermediate athletes.  As a result, the new format recognizes and promotes excellence at each level of coaching specialization.

Another improved feature of the “competency-based” format is that it requires each coach to satisfy practical requirements in both the training and competition environments (Evaluation).  Although the standards differ between levels, Performance and High Performance certification levels additionally require the weightlifting coach to have a documented history of athletes at higher levels of performance.

NCCP Olympic Weightlifting Competition Introduction/Club Coach Pathway

Weightlifting Competition Introduction

B.C. Weightlifting has courses available at various times throughout the year. To learn about upcoming courses, you may sign up for the mailing list below.
The course will cover basic Olympic Weightlifting technique (Snatch, Clean & Jerk + Assistant Exercises) principles of power development; progressive resistance principles; exercises to develop technique and power; warm-up and stretching techniques; lifting techniques; progressive development of technique; safety principles.

To see if we have any active events, please check our calendar -> BCWA Calendar

Multi-Sport Modules

To become a weightlifting Competition Introduction coach you need to take the following 6 modules:

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Planning a Practice
  • Nutrition
  • To find a facility offering any of these courses, and for the course descriptions, please follow this link
    These steps can be completed in any order, but they both must be completed before the next stages.

    Obtain Provincial Official Level 4

    Becoming a club coach requires you know the fundamentals about the sport, so you can provide this knowledge of the rules to your athletes.

    To learn more about the duties an official performs, and the pathway to becoming one, please check out - BCWA Officials

    To see if we have any active courses, please check our calendar -> BCWA Calendar

    Coach an Athlete

  • Coach an athlete for at least 12 months
  • Build and develop your portfolio as a coach
  • These steps can be completed in any order, but they both must be completed before the next stages.


  • Sign up for Evaluation
  • Get Evaluated at a competition
  • BCWA is going to dedicate 2 competitions a year in which we will evaluate coaches.
    During the evaluation you will be shadowed, and be evaluated on your coaching during an active competition.
    4 - NCCP Certified

    You have become fully certified as a NCCP Olympic Weightlifting Competition Introduction/Club Coach!
    Now on to Level 2!

    NCCP will soon be approved by the Coaching Association of Canada and that an Instructional Stream will be developed in the near future.



    Additional Information

    Please visit The Coaching Association of Canada or The Coaching Association of BC for more information.

    Certificate Request

    Request a digital or hard copy of your certificate.

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