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For the past year now, we've been using Eventbrite for all of our NCCP courses, and for the last couple of competitions.
From the beginning we wanted to house our own registration and ticketing system, and we've finally found a decent one.

This new registration system will remove the fees that we have been charged, and make it easier to verify that everyone is a
registered paid member before signing up.
We will still be able to accept cheques and PayPal, and if people have other forms of online payment, we can have a lot more options now.

This self-hosted registration will also give you a window into the events you are signed up for through the My Events page.
This page will allow you to see your registration status for upcoming events, and show you at a glance if you've paid for the event.

We want to make registration as easy as possible for our Membership, we would love feedback on any aspect of the new processes.

A&R Memorial
The A&R Memorial will be the first competition to use the new system, and since it takes place next year, membership renewal is important!
Everyone who currently competes has a valid registration, most of you are good until the end of the year, a few have already activated
their online membership and are good for 1 year from when they paid.
We will be requiring everyone to register their BCWA account online to be able to access the registration, we however are not forcing
you to renew your membership just yet, if you don't want to. If you'd like to wait until January, that is fine. You won't be losing anything
if you sign up early because your membership is good for 1 year exactly, no matter when you paid.

One important thing to remember, your membership MUST be up to date and current when you compete at the A&R Memorial.
If you're on the old system and you've registered for the A&R, you must make sure you've renewed by the time the competition comes around.

The registration process is outlined here (Online Registration).
If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always here to help.

British Columbia Weightlifting Association

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