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Membership comes with it's benefits!

To participate in B.C. Weightlifting Association competitions, you must have a valid membership.

New Membership Terms: Now when you pay for your registration, the length of the membership will be 1 year from the date purchased; registrations will no longer go from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, but will be good for a 12 month period from the date of registration under the new policy.  Also for those who were members and whose registration lapses, when you re-register in the system it will be done retroactive to the expiration date and be good for 1 year.


$ 25 /year
    • Youth Athlete
    • 12 & Under
    • Parent Signup Required
    • Official
    • Sign In


$ 40 /year
    • Student/Junior Athlete
    • Under 18, Parent Required
    • Sign In


$ 55 /year
    • Senior (21 or Older)
    • Master (Over 30)
    • Coach
    • Sign In

Family Plan

$ 110 /year
    • Sign Up Everyone
    • In your house
    • Sign In
Student Membership applies to anyone in Elementary, Secondary, College, University or Trade schools
Additional Membership Options


$ 8 lifetime


$ 8 lifetime

Club Registration

$ 50 /year
Note: Associate memberships only allow Crossfit members to compete in the annual CrossFit Challenge – not any other BCWA sanctioned event.
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