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BCWA Interclub Challenge

The BC Weightlifting Association has created a new event series that will allow clubs to engage their grassroots and developmental lifters in competition opportunity.

Clubs will organize their own in-house events with a set of minimum standards outlined below. These events will happen twice per year on set weekends. The results for all participating clubs will be rolled up into a Master Results Scoresheet.

For the 2020 year, these weekends have been established:

BCWA Spring Interclub Weekend – April 23-27th, 2020

BCWA Fall Interclub Weekend – September 24-28th, 2020

The event can run during any of the days within the time period. These events can have as many or as little participants as the club chooses, provided the rules are followed.

Download PDF Rules
Conference Call discussing the details of the Interclub Competitions

Competition Organization

  • Clubs can host their own event or collaborate with other clubs to host an event jointly. They can also invite other clubs to participate in an event they will host.
  • Competition is organized in-house using a clubs own resources (weights, volunteers, space, etc.). Athletes will compete using the same resources their members typically use to train.
  • If a club does not have the basic equipment required to host this event (women’s kg bar, men’s kg bar, set of kg weights) they may request support from the BCWA. BCWA may provide resources based on need and availability.
  • Clubs that do not have any resources to host an event (but have lifters) are encouraged to partner with clubs that have resources.
  • Clubs are responsible to certify their own officials. To host a LVL 4 official clinic, all you need is a LVL 3 official or higher to conduct the course using resources (power point, exam) available on the BCWA website.
  • Clubs will facilitate their own event registration. This is at the discretion of the club. They can choose to charge an entry fee to their members to participate (fundraiser) or make it free.
  • Clubs can have guest/trial lifters participate at their event, however for an individual result to count towards BCWA INTERCLUB standings/rankings/prizes - the athlete must be a BCWA member.
  • Competition promotion to its members or partner clubs is the responsibility of the host clubs.
  • Clubs can choose to increase their own event budget at their own discretion, but it is not necessary. Full or automated competition setup is not a requirement, but a choice. Competition can be run with basic setup and manual scoring.

Competition Rules

  • Minimum of 3 officials required. Officials must be trained as LVL 4 minimum. Officials may multitask during the event (example: Referee + Score-keep, Referee + Announce, Weigh-in + Referee).
  • Clubs can choose to have weigh-in 2 hours before session start (traditional way) or 1 hour before session start. The option is there for clubs dealing with time/space restrictions. Weigh-in must be conducted by certified official (LVL 4+).
  • Standard 3 x Snatch and 3 x CJ attempt format to be followed as per traditional Olympic weightlifting rules.
  • Singlets are not required, tight fitting clothing or t-shirt/shorts that exposes elbows/knees is sufficient.
  • Constructed platform is not required, a taped off section of floor outlining a competition platform area is sufficient.
  • All weights must be kg plates
  • Athletes MUST be a BCWA member before the competition. Any athletes that register after the competition will not be acknowledged.

Competition Administration

A standard results sheet in EXCEL format will be available for download from the resources page. It is encouraged these are used during the event to avoid having to re-enter data later. It is available in both Excel and Google Sheets.
You can also find other resources on this page, like the athlete cards, and a handy loading chart.

Master Scoresheet


Clubs must record all the results on the excel spreadsheet provided, including referee names and submit to the BCWA immediately following the completion of the event.

  • The results from all BCWA Members competing at Interclub competition WILL COUNT for rankings, provincial qualifying standards (Early Access, Provincials, Last Chance) but WILL NOT COUNT for records and provincial team selection events (Nationals, Westerns, etc.)
BCWA trusts that all clubs, coaches, athletes and officials will adhere to the rules of FAIR PLAY and Sportsmanship. Clubs will be held to standards of integrity and honesty with regards to result submission.
Failure to respect the rules will be taken seriously and could result in future consequences.


Following the conclusion of both the spring and fall competition weekends, club prizes and recognition will be awarded in the following manner:

  • Individual recognition for BEST LIFTERS in Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters categories (Male & Female) will be recorded on the BCWA Website and promoted through social media. These will be our INTERCLUB defending champions until next season!
  • Clubs can choose to invest personal resources into additional awards specific to their in-house event.
  • Clubs which participate in either the SPRING or FALL INTERCLUB event weekend, with at least 10 or more BCWA registered athletes, will have their annual club renewal fee waived for the following year.

BCWA wishes to encourage membership and club growth

    • The conclusion of the SPRING and FALL events will mark the end of the annual inter-club season. At this time, clubs will be rewarded with cash prizes based on the total number of their respective club athletes who a) Became new BCWA members + b) Competed at the spring or fall inter-club as their first event. (*Coaches or Competition Directors need to ensure they are identifying/verifying which of their club participants meet this criteria when submitting the results sheet to the BCWA*)

Prizes have increased for 2020!!!

    • 1st place - $700
    • 2nd place - $500
    • 3rd place - $350
    • 4th place - $250
    • 5th place - $200

2018 Winners: 1st: Dynasty Weightlifting / 2nd: Hercules Weightlifting / 3rd: Engineered Bodies

2019 Winners - Coming soon!

2020 Winners - It could be your club!

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