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Attention CIS Pacific registered athletes. A CSI Pacific will be accepting applications to the $500 Travel Grant as well as the $500 Rising Star Grant (for athletes based in Victoria) shortly. The application period is from Oct 1st until mid-November. One of the requirements for applying for the grants is that you must have attended at least two "Sport Performance Speaker Series." There are still six such Speaker Series still being offered until the grant deadline.

Also, CanFund is accepting applications for their grant of up to $6000 until September 30th (act fast!).

The Dairy Farmers of Canada also has a grant opportunity of up to $5000 for female athletes!
All information can be found at the following links:

CSI-P Grants: http://www.csipacific.ca/athletes/benefits/grants-bursaries/

Sport Performance Speaker Series: http://www.csipacific.ca/…/sport-performance-speaker-series/

CanFund: http://canadianathletesnow.ca/application/

Canadian Dairy Farmers: https://www.womenchampions.ca/champions-fund/about

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