BCWA Competition Hosting - Breakdown of Responsibilities

BCWA will do the following:

  • Provide access to required equipment
    • competition set
    • training weights, bars
    • platforms
    • electronics, printers, mic and speaker if required
    • scale
  • Take care of registrations, communicate session times, competition location to registrants
  • Prepare athlete cards, competition score sheet
  • Handle payment
  • Assist, if required, in setting up the session times and groupings
  • Provide contact information, if required, to various groups within the BCWA (notably, officials contact list, club contact list).
  • All communication with CWFHC regarding rankings, results, doping control
Host Club is responsible for

  • Securing a venue
  • Transporting all required equipment including but not limited to
    • Competition and training weights and bars
    • Competition and training platforms as needed
    • Competition management system (TVs, Monitors), unless using other system
  • Setting up and tearing down the competition. (Field of play, warm up area, any separation or flag and drape)
  • Provide a change rooms, anti-doping room (in a competition subject to doping control), weigh in room
  • Provide refreshments and snacks to Technical Officials and other volunteers
  • Securing awards: medals, best lifter, best team
  • Securing required personnel: TOs (including referees, speaker marshal, weigh in), loaders, set up and tear down crew.
  • Set up and tear down INCLUDES the electronic equipment, however a BCWA member knowledgeable in the electronics can assist by providing information on how to set certain things up
  • Arranging any “extra” such as merchandise booths etc if desired
BCWA has some resources at your disposal, some alluded to above. They are:

  • Contact lists. We can provide you contact lists for officials, registered clubs etc for you to make arrangements
  • Such as a job list for each session so you can fill in the blank and know you are not missing essential volunteers

  • The hosting grant for BCWA competitions are 80% payable post-competition.
  • All competition related costs (awards, venue rental, refreshments for officials etc) are the responsibility of the host club.
  • The host club may also include additional revenue streams, such as a concession or merchandise sale, of which the host retains 100% revenue.
  • BCWA has the right to set up merchandise sales, or to allow sponsors to set up merchandise sales.
  • On a case by case basis, for the BCWA Provincial Championships, BCWA may cover the costs involved in transporting required competition equipment (platforms, weights, competition management system)
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