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The competition committee has had numerous meetings over the past couple months and have come up with a fantastic new Competition Calendar. We think it will work well for us, and we'd like to share it with everyone.

November 11th
As a competition falling within the nationals qualifying period, we would like early registration access to be granted to athletes Prov 1 or higher for a period of 1 week, followed by general registration.

Youth, High School, JR Provincials
December 9th
This will be a meet for all Junior and Youth athletes and replaces the JDH, High Schools and Junior Championships.

A&R Memorial
January 27th
The A&R Memorial would use the same registration approach as KilOpen.

B.C. Provincial Championships
February 24th
B.C. Provincial Championships
The Provincial Championships would move to a new date, we will not have one in 2017 and the standards will be raised. Prov 2 for Women, & Prov 1 for Men

Western Canadian Championships +
Last Chance Qualifier
March 31 
The Western Canadian Championships has been expanded to 20 spots per province. We will still be a part of this competition.

To give a chance to the rest of the athletes wanting to qualify for Nationals we also have a new competition called the Last Chance Qualifier. This competition will require you to be Prov 2 or greater.

Competition Formally known as Seafest
June 30th
BCWA has Awarded the competition slot of June to Dynasty. We believe they can provide an excellent competition and keep it at the same standard of excellence that Sea Fest was known for. 

The Competition Committee has also looked at the creation of 4 specific weeks in the calendar year, designate towards grassroots club competition.
Clubs will host their own local small scale event or regional event with their neighbours, results to be submitted to BCWA for consolidation. These events will be specifically for grassroots athletes and used as qualifiers for the standard events above.

The competition committee has not yet finalized the details on this idea, and more information will come in the future.

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