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Updated Costume Rules

Coaches, Technical Officials and Athletes Please take a minute to review the below link from the IWF. The Slide Show style documents goes over some updated costume rules. Some new rules of note: Knee sleeves are no longer restricted to 30cm Plasters, bandages (including neoprene sleeves) and Kinesio tape are all permitted. Basically, everywhere on your body EXCEPT the elbows Clarification of the one/two piece unitard Read more

Increase in Qualifying Standards – Canadian Senior Championships

***Important announcement regarding the qualifying standards for the 2016 Canadian Senior Championships*** On August 29th, 2015 the Canadian Weightlifting Federation increased the qualifying standards for the 2016 Canadian Senior Championships. Our website has been updated to reflect the new standards. Please familiarize yourself with these new standards HERE. Happy Lifting   Read more

Increased Qualification Standards for BCWA Provincial Championships

Membership within the BCWA and participation at BCWA events has been steadily increasing over the past few years, which is excellent news. This is a testament to all the hard work put in by the coaches and volunteers with all of our clubs, and within the BCWA. One of the effects of increased membership, is the number of athletes who qualify for the BCWA Provincial Championships. Participation has gone up from 37 athletes in 2012 to 72 athletes in 2014, and at ... Read more

New Markers (2015-2016)

The markers have been updated for 2015. The new markers are slightly different from the current markers, and do not pose a significant change in the qualifications. The classification levels have adjusted by either 1kg or not at all. To view the new markers you may visit our webpage (LINK) or to the document the CWFHC released that states the new markers (LINK) Read more

2015 Pan-American Games

We recently sent an e-mail to some athletes and coaches outlining detailed nomination procedures for the upcoming 2015 Pan-American Games in Toronto. If you feel that you should have received a copy of this e-mail, or you are simply interested in the nomination procedure, you can find the nomination procedure at the CWFHC website at the link below. If you have specific questions, you can contact us at Read more

2015 Western Championships

2015 Western Canadian Weightlifting Championships General Information OFFICIAL INVITATION Read more

Technical and Competition Rules

We've added a new page to our site, the Technical and Competition Rules for BCWA. This is something we've wanted to get up in writing for a long time, it details all of our rules and guidelines that we follow. It was never published and new members just had to follow what everyone else was doing to find out what we allowed. Now we can point to a page on our site for everyone to see the rules and regulations for BCWA. Feel free ... Read more

Officials Page

We've recently done a lot of work to create better pathways for the NCCP and Officials. If you have previously wondered how any of the certifications worked, now is your chance to find out! The NCCP page now has a much easier to read and understand pathway -> Click Here It's also easier than ever to find out how to become an official! -> Click Here Hopefully both of these new pages will assist anyone willing to upgrade their skills. Read more

2014 BCWA AGM Minutes

B.C.W.A. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MINUTES JUNE 28, 2014 ORDER: Finance Chair Paul Goldberg called the meeting to order at Semiahmoo Senior Secondary School in Surrey, B.C. on June 28, 2014 at 6:36 p.m. ATTENDANCE: Walter Bailey, Chair, Michael Cartwright, Vice-President, Paul Goldberg, Finance Chair, and fifty four members were present. DIRECTOR’ REPORTS: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Walter Bailey delivered the Executive Director’s report and he commented on activities and successes over the past year. Questions from the membership were posed and answered. FINANCE CHAIR’S REPORT: Paul Goldberg delivered the financial ... Read more

2014 Senior Canadian Weightlifting Championships

Now that Westerns have come and gone (congratulations to all coaches and athletes!). Many are getting excited for the upcoming Canadian Championships in Saskatoon. I've received quite a few questions in the last couple of days, so here is a very brief update. First, click on the link below for the competition information package. It has venue and hotel information as well as a *tentative* schedule. I can not emphasize the tentative nature enough. Just because you are currently scheduled to lift on ... Read more
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