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Now that Westerns have come and gone (congratulations to all coaches and athletes!). Many are getting excited for the upcoming Canadian Championships in Saskatoon. I've received quite a few questions in the last couple of days, so here is a very brief update.
First, click on the link below for the competition information package. It has venue and hotel information as well as a *tentative* schedule. I can not emphasize the tentative nature enough. Just because you are currently scheduled to lift on Sunday, don't show up on Saturday afternoon; nothing is final until the technical meeting (the Friday before the competition).

Second, some athletes and coaches have already booked flights and hotel. Feel free to do so. I have also been told (I haven't confirmed) that cheaper rates for the same hotel can actually be found on online travel sites.

BCWA has selected Brock Pedersen for the Team Leader position. He will communicate to you anything you need to know, and any questions can be sent to him technical@bcweightlifting.ca

Now that the qualification period has come to an end, we anticipate a formal list of qualified athletes to be sent from the CWFHC as we have received in past years. If you're not sure of your eligibility, contact me or Brock.

We also have included a handy form that must be filled out for us to send a complete list of participating athlete's. This will also assure that your travel arrangements will be made known of to the organizing committee, so they can pick you up at the airport. If you need to fill the form out more than once, please refresh the page.


The form should appear below, if it does not, you may find it here Form

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